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The downside of finding an old, rusted, underground storage tank (UST) on your property is the inconvenience caused, especially if your construction contractors were on the verge of digging the foundation. Besides, your gas station tank may be leaking, causing serious environmental concerns. That’s when you need to partner with professional gas-station-tank removal services. Tank Removal Now is a reliable and trusted company when you need to excavate an underground tank safely. We offer superior UST removal and disposal solutions at affordable costs and with high adherence to environmental regulations.

We have invested in the right equipment to enable us to provide quality and safe removal services. We use robust excavation machinery and pump trucks. The latter allows our professionals to clean and rid the tank of any residual materials that may cause further pollution or higher safety risks. Our staff understands the standard removal procedures. They will follow safety codes and dispose of the tank and its related conduit system according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. That way, you avoid legal penalties, such as fines.

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    Gas Station Tank Removal Done Right

    Quality, Licensed UST Removal Solutions

    Tank Removal Now is dedicated to providing top-tier underground tank removal services. We are a licensed company with full certification to remove and transfer old and obsolete gas station tanks. Therefore, we understand the safe-removal procedures to ensure the safety of both you and the workers. We have handled multiple projects over the years we have been in business. That has bolstered our hand-on skills and made us accustomed to what we do. We guarantee that we will handle do the removal right the first time. Furthermore, we have a workers’ compensation scheme, which for you, cushions you from incurring any costs in case a member(s) of the removal crew gets injured in the line of duty.

    Eco-Friendly Gas Tank Removal Services

    Underground gas tanks tend to corrode, making it possible for the residue material to seep into the soil. With time, the water and land surrounding the tank may pose serious environmental issues. Each of our company representatives work within the confines of EPA regulations to alleviate any hazards. Before undertaking the procedure, we will first take the water and soil samples from the area. We then use the right equipment and technological tools to minimize environmental risks during the removal procedure. Once the tank is successfully removed, our staff will also send the samples of the soil and underground water to the relevant environmental authorities to determine whether the contents of the tank leaked to the surrounding area.

    The gas-tank removal process is a complicated procedure that should not be attempted by an unqualified individual. There are environmental and health risks involved. It would be best if you left such projects to the professionals. Please fill in the free, non-obligatory quote request form, and we will expedite the estimates in a few minutes.

    Tank Removal Now is dedicated to providing top-tier underground tank removal services.

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